Our story


The Spaccio Salumeria is a family-owned Italian Deli based in Los Angeles. We are two brothers from Campobasso, Italy who grew up around truffles and want to share our passion for food and community.

Some people grow up around sports, academics, or the arts. For Michael and Marco— two brothers from Campobasso, Italy, their upbringing was around truffles. As children, their grandfather showed them how to forage for the elusive tuber in the Appennino Mountains around Molise, Italy.


Michael and Marco were fascinated by the world of truffles, and eventually bought and trained their own truffle hunting dogs. They learned the art of selling by observing the tactics of local roaming vendors selling truffles, cheeses, and meats from their trucks. As teens they sold truffles to bankroll pizza parties and decadent first dates.


The brothers began their adventure in truffle exports in Germany and Italy, then expanded to other European countries, eventually bringing the operation to the United States. When the siblings started importing their region’s famous white Molise truffles some seven years ago, it didn’t take long for the pair to gain their nickname “The Truffle Brothers.” With the help of eighteen dogs, other siblings, their mother, and an extended family of foragers that continues to live full-time in Molise, Italy, the Truffle Brothers manage to supply Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, and Dallas (to name a few) restaurants with a steady supply of Italian tartufo.